Whitefish Energy is winning new government contracts

Issue #23: 'Hamilton' star is advocating for Puerto Ricans to vote in the U.S., artists hijack the museum of art and more...

Whitefish Energy Gets U.S. Contracts After Puerto Rico Ouster

Montana-based Whitefish Energy Holdings, which lost a $300 million no-bid contract last year to restore the electric grid in Puerto Rico, has been seeking and winning new government contracts. (Michael Biesecker / Associated Press)

Puerto Rico Needs a Better Debt Deal

“If Puerto Rico’s government and the oversight board created by Congress agree to similar terms with creditors who hold General Obligation bonds, it will be just a question of time before the commonwealth is forced to default yet again or curtail public pension payments upon which more than 325,000 workers depend.” – Antonio Weiss, Brad W. Setser and Desmond Lachman for Bloomberg

'Hamilton' Star Becomes the Face of Voter ID Card Drive for Puerto Rico’s Displaced Maria Survivors

Javier Muñoz, the former star of Broadway’s Hamilton, is the face of a 60-second video encouraging Puerto Ricans who have resettled in the U.S. to get the photo ID required to vote in certain states. (Joshua Hoyos / ABC News)

After Hurricane Maria, Farmers in Puerto Rico Struggle to Rebuild

“Ninety percent of our farm was destroyed, but it was really like 100 percent because with the hurricane no one could come here to harvest.” – Farmer Domingo Antonio Romano (Bobby Bascomb / PRI)

Puerto Rico Groups Call for 100% Renewables by 2050

A new report, which calls for 50% renewable electricty by 2035 and 100% by 2050, has been endorsed by Puerto Rico’s Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Mayors and 12 other industry associations, academic institutes and nonprofits. That position runs counter to PREPA’s new fossil infrastructure plans. (William Driscoll / PV Magazine)

How an Architect is Using Solar Power to Prevent Puerto Rico’s Next Disaster

 Jonathan Marvel and his partners at Resilient Power Puerto Rico are building a series of solar installations using Tesla Powerwall batteries. (Jack Balderrama Morley / The Architects Paper)

Visual Artists “Hijack” Puerto Rico’s Museum of Art With Digital Exhibition

Contrabando, a local art collective, debuted Hijack! at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, a surprise exhibit that replaced existing pieces in the museum. But the exhibit is experienced via the Layar app – artwork was only digitally superimposed on top of the artwork in the gallery. (Jhoni Jackson / Remezcla)

How Puerto Rico’s Biggest Brewery Adapted After Hurricane Maria

Medalla, which struggled in the aftermath of the storm, started selling beer on the mainland. Now it can’t keep up with demand. (Yalixa Rivera and Michael Smith / Bloomberg)

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