No One is Tracking How Many Maria Evacuees Are Still in New York City

Bad Bunny and Marc Anthony plan to rebuild baseball fields, the U.S. Virgins recovery lags behind Puerto Rico's and more...

The Next 16 Months Will Define Puerto Rico's Future. Is Gov. Wanda Vázquez Ready?

“No one more than Puerto Ricans want oversight, but what we’ve seen so far doesn’t work. We don’t want punishment disguised as oversight.” – Miguel Soto-Class, founder and president of the Center for a New Economy (Nicole Acevedo / NBC Latino)

How Many Displaced by Hurricane Maria are Still Living in New York City?

Hundreds of families who evacuated Puerto Rico relocated to New York City. But neither the city nor the federal government are counting or tracking those families. (Daniel Parra / City Limits)

San Juan Mayor: The Fiscal Board Must Disappear

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has written a letter to Senate President Thomas Riveras Schatz that included a draft of a resolution asking that the legislature define the payment of pensions, education, safety and healthcare as essential services. The recent plans to cut down Puerto Rico’s budget have implemented austerity measures that could impact some of those services. (Caribbean Business)

Bad Bunny & Marc Anthony Are Rebuilding Baseball Fields Destroyed by Hurricane María

The musicians have teamed with the nonprofit Local Inititives Support Corporation to reconstruction dozens of baseball fields. An estimated 300 community fields were destroyed in the storm. (Jenzia Burgos / Remezcla)

He Couldn't Find His Grandmother During Hurricane Maria—Until He Flew His Drone Over Her House

An amateur computer developer, who used a drone to ensure his grandmother was alive after Hurricane Maria, is developing software to help future victims of natural disasters. (Courtney Linder / Popular Mechanics)

Hurricane Recovery in U.S. Virgin Islands Lags Puerto Rico’s

Though Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria has been slow, other Caribbean territories have recovered even more slowly, according to a new report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That is largely because, while Puerto Rico’s economy is somewhat diversified, those other terrorities largely depend on tourism. (Alexandre Tanzi / Bloomberg)

Dismissed as fakes for a century, enigmatic Puerto Rican stones could rewrite history

“The stones question the meta-narrative that Columbus brought writing and history with him. That’s why they call everything before him pre-history. That type of thinking separates us from hundreds and thousands of years of our own history…It’s not the same to tell a people you have 500 years of history as to tell them your history goes back 6,000 years.” – Reniel Rodríguez Ramos,archaeologist at the University of Puerto Rico’s-Utuado (Jim Wyss / Miami Herald)

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