Vieques is getting its first dialysis clinic since Maria

Issue #22: Recovery across the island is still uneven, how Puerto Rico is rebuilding its food economy and more...

Dialysis Clinic Arrives in Vieques a Year After Maria

Patients on Vieques have been flying in to Puerto Rico for treatment, but five patients have died because the constant trips have worn them down. The new clinic is a $3 million mobile unit that will serve as a makeshift emergency clinc. (Associated Press)

Puerto Rico Recovery Status: Progress After Hurricane Maria is Uneven Across Island

“It’s like the hurricane hit yesterday. Everything that was promised never arrived.” – Antonio Torres, head of the fishermen’s association in Punta Santiago (Rick Jervis / USA Today)

How Puerto Rico is Rebuliding its Food Economy After Hurricane Maria

“I think Maria changed everyone. If you are in the game now, you have to be serious.” – Efrén Robles, the owner of Frutos del Guacabo farm (Paige Resnick / Saveur)

Puerto Rico Creditors End Opposition to Bank Debt Restructuring

The government, the unsecured creditor committee and the PROMESA board announced a new agreement. (Luis Valentin Ortiz / Reuters)

Puerto Rico Repairs 80 Percent of Stoplights Post-Maria

Officials will now focus on 200 intersections that remain dark. (Associated Press)

UTSA Scholars: ‘Accelerated Aging’ Will Continue to Raise Hurricane Maria’s Toll

Accelerated aging refers to deaths linked to sustained exposure to stress, such as a lack of electricity or infrastructure. This may include higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, for example. (Elaine Ayala / San Antonio Express-News)

LDS Church Announces Plans to Build 12 New Temples Worldwide

Puerto Rico is getting its first Mormon temple. (Taylor Hartman / FOX13)

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