The PROMESA Board Sues to Have $9B in Debt Ruled Unconstitutional

Sen. Warren has a plan to restructure the debt, poor water management has worsened the drought in the Caribbean and more...

Puerto Rico Seeks to Have $9 Billion in Debt Ruled Unconstitutional

The PROMESA board has sued dozens of banks and financial firms, alleging they helped Puerto Rico issue $9 billion of debt illegally. (By Mary Williams Walsh / New York Times)

Warren Unveils Plan to Restructure Puerto Rico Debt

Under Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan, U.S. territories would be able to terminate their debt under certain criteria, including experiencing a natural disaster. (Rafael Bernal / The Hill)

Poor Management of Water Sources Aggravates Impact of the Drought in the Caribbean

Poor management has prevented at least 5 million people full access to water for the last seven years in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. (Omaya Sosa Pascual, Lourdes Alvarez, Patrick Saint-Pré, Mariela Mejía y Víctor Rodríguez Velázquez / Centro de Periodismo Investigativo)

Facebook Data Show How Many People Left Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

The data estimates that the population on the mainland has decreased about 5.6%. (Sujata Gupta / Science News)

2020 Census To Be Hand-Delivered In Disaster Recovery Areas

Beginning next March, census workers will hand-deliver the questionnaires. (Hansi Lo Wang / NPR)

Almost $1M in Florida Police Gear Arrives in Puerto Rico

The police department in Aguada just received $900,000 from the city of Orlando. (Erin Murray / Spectrum News 13)

Joan Smalls Gets Emotional as She Talks Her Family and Being Inspired by Puerto Rico

“I always see Puerto Rico as this island that is resilient. You take pride in who you are and what you have, and you need to protect it. So, for me going back home is like reminding myself of that. And it’s just like a different world.” – Joan Smalls (Hola)

How Hurricane Maria Changed my Life

“When you go to a place and you see the destruction you fully understand the magnitude of despair. So when I went into the nitty gritty parts of Puerto Rico… it was just shocking.” – Monica Puig, Puerto Rican tennis player and Olympic gold medalist for Metro UK

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