The FBI is Investigating Municipal Offices in San Juan

Rick Scott has millions invested in PREPA, Bad Bunny criticizes PR's education system and more...

FBI Agents Raid San Juan, Puerto Rico City Offices in Fraud, Obstruction Investigation

The raid was focused on San Juan’s purchasing division. (William Cummings / USA Today)

Rick Scott has Millions Invested in Puerto Rico Electric Company

Florida’s governor and his wife have at least $5 million invested in a blind trust managed by AG Superfund, a hedge fund which issued credit to PREPA. (Dan Christensen / Florida Bulldog)

$3 Billion Already Spent to End Longest Blackout in U.S. History. Could Renewable Energy Help Puerto Rico?

Officials estimate it would take another $26 billion to fully upgrade the energy grid. (Rick Jervis / USA Today)

Bad Bunny Pens Statement Criticizing Puerto Rico’s Failing Education System

On Facebook, a Puerto Rican teacher wrote a post airing her frustrations that her students struggle to stay motivated amid school closures and that they become distracted by pop entertainers like Bad Bunny. The rapper issued a response, arguing that he isn’t personally responsible for the failing education system. He also wrote about his own experience being educated in Puerto Rico: “I appreciate your effort to educate the children of my country, with unjust wages and few resources from the government. And I confess, that just like you, every school closure hurts my soul.” (Isabelia Herrera / Remezcla)

Puerto Rico Unemployment Declines to Lowest Rate in at Least 76 Years (Paywall)

The unemployment rate declined to 8.4% in September. (Robert Slavin / Bond Buyer)

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