Rosselló Picks His Successor, But Confirmation is Up to the Senate

Issue #50: Trump further delays disaster aid for Puerto Rico, thousands of abandoned water bottles were found in a field and more...

Puerto Rico Governor’s Legitimacy Challenged in Court

Pedro Pierluisi was installed as Puerto Rico’s new governor on Friday, following the official resignation of Ricardo Rosselló. But Pierluisi, the former Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, is now being sued by Puerto Rico Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz in San Juan court because his appointment has not been confirmed by the Senate.  (Andrew Scurria / Wall Street Journal) Here’s a backgrounder on Pierluisi and his career until now. (Patricia Mazzei / New York Times)

Man Claiming to Be Puerto Rico’s Governor Will Let Courts Decide

Pedro Pierluisi said he will step down if the Senate rejects him. (Jonathan Levin / Bloomberg)

Trump Tightens Aid for Puerto Rico as Turmoil Grips Island

The Trump administration has placed new rules on U.S. states and territories who are expecting disaster aid. The rules will allow states to receive disaster aid first, ahead of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, who are still awaiting funds that were promised last year. (Austin Weinstein / Bloomberg)

After Protests, Will Real Change Come to Puerto Rico?

“If you look at the massive demonstrations, it was not about status. It was identity politics, sexual politics, gender politics, among other things.” – Jorge Duany, author of Puerto Rico: What Everyone Needs to Know (Frances Robles and Patricia Mazzei / New York Times)

How Hurricane Maria Fueled Puerto Rico’s Resistance

“Hurricane Maria was like a hammer that hits a hard, ceramic structure that people think can withstand any blow. When it cracks, you can see that any faults that were there were just magnified by the combination of pre-existing conditions and the harshness of the blow.” – Ramón Bueno, climate change and development expert (Karen Pinchin / PBS)

Amid Puerto Rico's Political Meltdown, American Guns Are Flooding the Island

Each year, thousands of disassembled guns with their serial numberes filed off enter Puerto Rico via U.S. mail, contributing to the widespread problem of violence on the island. (Douglass Hook / Miami New Times)

Thousands of Water Bottles Intended for Hurricane Maria Victims Found Unopened in Puerto Rico

Tens of thousands of unopened water bottles were found on a private field in Dorado. FEMA said the water was expired and being in the process of being removed. (Amanda Schmidt and Monica Bielanko / AccuWeather)

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