Puerto Rico's Kids are Showing Signs of PTSD

Issue #43: Puerto Rico bans converstion therapy for minors, New Yorkers protest at the Whitney and more...

Hurricane Maria’s Legacy: Thousands of Puerto Rican Students Show PTSD Symptoms

Of nearly 100,000 students surveyed for mental health issues, 7.2% were found to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. More girls showed symptoms of PTSD than boys. (Carmen Heredia Rodriguez / Kaiser Health News)

Head of FEMA Sides with Republicans on Puerto Rico Aid

FEMA’s acting administrator Pete Gaynor said it would be better for Puerto Rico if the island’s government continues to shoulder some of the cost of recovery. (Christopher Flavelle and Erik Wasson / Bloomberg News)

Puerto Rico to Demolish 16K Structures Damaged by Maria

Officials said they expect to receive $400 million in federal funds to tear down the structures. (Associated Press)

In Puerto Rico, the Odds are Against High School Grads Who Want to Go to College

In 2016, only 694 high school graduates from the island went to college in the United States or elsewhere abroad. (Jon Marcus / Hechinger Report)

What Will a Jones Act Waiver Mean for Puerto Rico’s 100% Renewable Energy Goal?

President Donald Trump is reported to be considering issuing a waiver for the Jones Act in Puerto Rico to help make the commonwealth a hub for natural gas. (Paola Rosa-Aquino / Grist)

CityLab Daily: Puerto Rico Doesn’t Have a ‘Green New Deal’

While Puerto Rico did pass legislation that aims to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050, the legislation, unlike the Green New Deal, does not contain language regarding economic and racial justice. According to CityLab, the transition to renewable could rely on Puerto Rico’s poorest families as a result. (Brentin Mock / CityLab)

Puerto Rico Is Banning Conversion Therapy for Minors

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló issued an executive order to ban gay converstion therapy for minors after lawmakers blocked a vote on a bill that would have done the same. (Trudy Ring / The Advocate)

A Musical Protest at the Whitney Museum Focuses on Puerto Rico

“They have full control over Puerto Rico’s economy and transportation,” one protestor said of the PROMESA board. “Out of elitism and privilege, they close our schools, overprice our university studies, drive our doctors out of the country to find work elsewhere, and force patients to travel long distances to get treatment.” (Hakim Bishara / Hyperallergic)

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