Puerto Rico's Governor Will Likely Endorse Two Florida Democrats

Issue #21: Utilities who helped restore electricity now face hefty bills, how the island's ecosystems are recovering and more...

The Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade in Pictures: Celebrating Pride and Rebirth

Check out more photos from the Philly Puerto Rican Day parade. (Tom Gralish / Philadelphia Inquirer)

Puerto Rico's Governor Risks Riling Republicans by Endorsing in Contested Florida Races

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has endorsed U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, a democrat, in his campaign for re-election. He is also expected to endorse Andrew Gillum, another democrat running for governor. (Ryan Nobles / CNN)

Utilities Helped Puerto Rico Fix Its Power Grid. Now They Face Hefty Tax Bills.

So far, eight different cities in Puerto Rico have sent utility companies who helped restore electricty to the island bills for millions of dollars in license and construction taxes. (James Glanz and Alejandra Rosa / New York Times)

Tesla, Others ID’d for Puerto Rico Public-Private Alliances

The projects include creating an energy storage system, modernizing the island’s water and sewer meters and updating a ferry transportation system. Tesla is one of 13 companies being considered for the partnerships. (Associated Press)

How Puerto Rico Is Using Tourism To Rebuild After Hurricane Maria

The island is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, but the tourism industry is doing well. Inbound flights are back to pre-Maria numbers and 90 percent of hotel inventory is up and running. (Alexandra Talty / Forbes)

How Hurricane Maria Hurt Puerto Rico's Ecosystems

A decrease in just the bat population could cost an annual loss of $25 million for the agricultural industry. (Luis Joel Méndez / AccuWeather)

Puerto Rico's Tropical Forests are Showing Resilience After Hurricane Maria

“The productivity of the forest right now is higher than it was before the hurricane. The first five years after Hurricane Hugo was the fastest primary productivity that we've ever measured in the forest.” – Ariel Lugo, director of the International Institute for Tropical Forestry (Bobby Bascomb / Jefferson Public Radio)

One Year After Maria, Puerto Rico’s Young Restaurateurs Hope to Grow Community

“Ten, 12, 16 years ago, the food that we consumed was from chains: fast-food burgers and hot dogs. It was part of this supposed evolvement, to technology and modern cuisine. We just forgot about our Puerto Rican food.” – Rafael Ruiz, the founder of La Mafia Puerto Rico (Mariela Santos / Eater)

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