Pa'lante: June 11

Issue #2: Disaster capitalism in Puerto Rico, the NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade and more

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Last week, the Intercept hosted a panel discussion about the forces of disaster capitalism in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. I highly recommend watching the recording of the livestream, which is available here. The panel was moderated by Intercept Senior Correspondent Naomi Klein, who just published “The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists.” All of the proceeds from the book will go directly toward advocacy group JunteGente. You can purchase the book online here, for as low as $5.97.

Judge Rules That Puerto Rico Must Release all Death Records From Hurricane Maria: The island’s government will be required to release all death certificates, as well as copies of all burial and cremation permits, that were issued after Hurricane Maria. (Danica Coto / AP)

Hurricane Maria Casts Shadow Over Puerto Rican Parade: “The 61st annual parade, held under gloomy skies, was part party, part protest march, part memorial, part pep rally, sometimes all in one person.” (Andy Newman / New York Times)

2,300 Puerto Rican Families Displaced by Hurricane Maria are About to Lose Their FEMA Housing Assistance: Last week, more than 100 people who lost their homes in the storm traveled to Washington, D.C. to request that FEMA activate its Disaster Housing Assistance Plan, which would provide longer-term subsidies to families who need them. Those 2,300 families are set to lose their assistance on June 30. (Daniella Silva / NBC News)

Hurricane Maria Swept Away the Illusion of Puerto Ricans’ Citizenship: “Are we receiving equal government resources for aid in crisis? No. For infrastructure repair? No. Definitely feels like second-class citizenship to me.” – Efraín Molina, a senior computer network engineer at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. (Ed Morales / Washington Post)

Puerto Rico Small Businesses Get a Helping Hand After Hurricane Maria: Google, the Hispanic Federation and humanitarian aid organization Mercy Corps announced an initiative to provide grants to small businesses, fund development training and revamp tourism on the island. (Caroline Simon / USA Today)

Fact-Checking the Death Toll Estimates from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: PolitiFact explains the methodology behind how researchers came up with the death toll estimates of 4,645. (Amy Sherman / PolitiFact)

Session for Hurricane Maria Evacuees to be Held on Monday. Nearly 30,000 Displaced Residents of Puerto Rico Estimated to Have Relocated to New Jersey: The city of Paterson will host an information session today for people who were affected by Hurricane Maria and relocated to New Jersey. (TapintoPaterson Staff)

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