Pa'lante: July 9

Beryl downgraded to a tropical storm, the new FEMA deadline extended and more

Tropical Rainstorm Beryl to Soak Puerto Rico to Cuba; Will it Strengthen Again Near Bahamas? Beryl was fortunately downgraded to a tropical rainstorm from a hurricane, but heavy rains could still mean flash floods and mudslides for Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean. (Alex Sosnowski / AccuWeather)

Displaced Puerto Ricans Face Uncertainty As FEMA Deadlines Shift: The deadline for FEMA’s Transitional Shelter Assistance, which has allowed Puerto Rican refugees to live out of hotels, is now July 23, after being extended for a fifth time. (Kadia Aretha Tubman / Yahoo! News)

Deaths from Bacterial Disease in Puerto Rico Spiked After Maria: Twenty-six deaths from the last year in Puerto Rico are attributed to Leptospirosis, a significant jump from years past. (John D. Sutter and Omaya Sosa Pascual / CNN and the Center for Investigative Journalism)

Puerto Rico Sues Control Board Over Budget Differences: “The board's efforts exceed its lawful powers. (It) cannot do what it is attempting to do: impose mandatory workforce reductions, change the roles and responsibilities of certain government officials, criminalize certain acts under Puerto Rico law and otherwise seek to micromanage Puerto Rico's government."– The lawsuit filed against PROMESA (Danica Coto / Associated Press)

Vieques Still Finding Its Footing After Hurricane Destruction: We're still suffering the impact of over half a century of military control that blocked natural development — leaving the people of Vieques, you know, years behind in terms of economic capacity, economic development, social development.” – Vieques resident Robert Rabin (Jeff Cohen / NPR)

The Puerto Rican Superhero La Borinqueña Fights for Kids: The superhero, born and raised in Brooklyn, can lift fallen electrical poles, fly and control weather patterns. (Miguel Guadalupe / Fatherly)

Puerto Rican Mayor, Two Other Gov Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges: The mayor of Sabana Grande and two former directors of finance of Toa Baja were arrested in two different cases that involve $8 million in federal and local funds. (Associated Press)

Bomba: The Enduring Anthem of Puerto Rico: Bomba is one of the oldest musical traditions in Puerto Rico and has been associated with resistance movements. (Lauren Du Graf / New York Times)

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