Pa'lante: July 30

Issue #9: Puerto Ricans aren't registering to vote, senators introduce a debt relief bill and more...

Following Hurricane Maria, thousands of Puerto Ricans evacuated to the mainland of the United States. The expectation was that those individuals, in particular those who moved to Florida, could potentially sway the next presidential election. It seems that that may not be the case, according to a new Washington Post report. Most of the Puerto Ricans who went to Florida are not registering to vote, according to data procured by the Post.

“We’ve got two-and-a-half months left for voter registration. But these numbers show it’s not going to happen organically. . .This is a warning flare that there’s real work to be done.” – Tallahassee, Fla.-based Democratic Strategist Steve Schale

Read more at the Post.

Warren, Sanders Introduce Debt Relief Bill to Benefit Puerto Rico: The bill would allow the island to eliminate its $73 billion debt. Rep. Nydia Velázquez, a Yabucoa, Puerto Rico native, plans to introduce companion legislation in the House. (Veronica Stracqualursi / CNN)

After Hurricane, Puerto Rico Switches on to Renewable Energy: “This can pull us out of the mess we're in. There's nothing wrong with having a vision of the future. It's time to start making changes.” – Jose Santana, an electronics technician, about the potential for solar power in Puerto Rico (Danica Coto / Associated Press)

U.S. Demands Quick Privatization of Puerto Rico Power Agency: A few hundred Puerto Ricans are still without power now, 10 months after Hurricane Maria. (Danica Coto / Associated Press)

'It Will Open Doors': 19-Year-Old Transgender Woman Cheers Victory in Fight to Fix Puerto Rico Birth Certificates: Activists have fought for 15 years to allow Puerto Ricans to change their gender identity on their birth certificates. (Sofia Cerda Campero / NBC Bay Area)

US Fish and Wildlife Service assigns funds for the preservation of the Puerto Rican parrot: The agency has granted $11 million to the Parrot Recovery Program. (Manuel Crespo Feliciano / AccuWeather)

New Program hHelps Puerto Rican Scholars Research Impacts of Hurricane Maria: Princeton University will host the 13 scholars, many of whom are from the University of Puerto Rico, until Sept. 1. (Katie Tam / The Daily Princetonian)

Carmelo Anthony Says the Government 'Completely Turned Their Back' on Puerto Rico:Puerto Rico is part of this country and I just felt like the government completely turned their back, you know, to their island.” – NBA Star Carmelo Anthony, whose father was born in Puerto Rico (Sofia Barrett and Alexandra King / CNN)

Sessions: Undocumented Identity Thieves Scammed Puerto Ricans to Get Gov't Benefits: The attorney general annouced charges against 28 individuals. (Dartunorro Clark / NBC News)

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