Pa'lante: July 16

FEMA admits it failed in its response to Hurricane Maria, PREPA's leadership resigns and more

FEMA Internal Report Cites Problems With Agency's Response To Hurricane Maria: FEMA released an internal report that acknowledged the agency wasn’t able to provide enough support to Puerto Rico in the wake of the storm. (Michel Martin and Laura Sullivan / NPR)

U.S. Judge Nixes Move to Toss Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Case: A U.S. judge ruled that the creation of PROMESA does not violate the U.S. Constitution. (Karen Pierog / Reuters)

Leadership Of Puerto Rico's Electric Utility Crumbles Amid Power Struggle: A majority of PREPA’s board of directors resigned last week. (Adrian Florido / NPR)

Setback for Vouchers, Charter Schools in Puerto Rican Court's Ruling: A judge in Puerto Rico has ruled that private school vouchers violate Puerto Rico’s constitution. (Andrew Ujifusa / Education Week)

The Woman With the Puerto Rico Shirt Said She ‘Feared For My Safety’ While Being Harassed: Mia Irizarry, who was harassed in an Illinois park for wearing a Puerto Rico flag shirt, wants the officer who ignored her pleas for help to be held accountable. The man who harassed her has been charged with a hate crime. (Dakin Andone / CNN)

Hurricane Maria Killed Our Loved Ones. We Want Closure. The New York Times produced a video featuring the loved ones of some of Hurricane Maria’s victims. (Leah Varjacques, Matteen Mokalla and Japhet Weeks / New York Times)

NASA Releases Photos Of Damage Hurricane Maria Inflicted On Puerto Rico’s Forests: “From the air, the scope of the hurricane’s damages were startling.” – A NASA spokesperson (CBS Philadelphia)

‘We Grow Up Breathing Music’: How Puerto Rico Became a Pop Superpower: “Puerto Rico’s relationship with music is everything. It’s an island full of talent and if you grow up there, you grow up living and breathing music.” – Recording artist Bad Bunny (Iman Amrani / The Guardian)

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