Pa'lante: Aug. 27

Puerto Ricans may not sway Florida's midterm votes, Chef José Andrés' new book and more

Influx of Puerto Ricans in Florida May Not Turn the Tide for the Midterms, Experts Say: One reason Puerto Ricans may not vote in U.S. elections is their distrust of elections in Puerto Rico. (Jennifer Hansler / CNN)

What Happened in the Dark: Puerto Rico’s Year of Fighting for Power: “As soon as the lights go out, my phone blows up. People are traumatized.” – Power plant operator Jorge Bracero

No Conspirators or Smoking Gun in Puerto Rico Report: “Good intentions” and “binge borrowing” are what lead to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, according to a 608-page investigative report. (Joe Mysak / Bloomberg)

Rebuilding Puerto Rico, From the Ground Up: The Fondo de Resiliencia de Puerto Rico aims to send volunteer workers to 200 Puerto Rican farms and food projects over the next two years. (Martha Bayne / Eater)

We're Ready to Turn the Page”: Puerto Rican Town with Viral S.O.S. Sign After Maria has New Slogan: The word “Bienvenidos” has replaced the original message seeking help. (Christopher Brito / CBS News)

How Chef José Andrés Helped Feed Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria: Next month, Chef José Andrés publishes his book, We Fed an Island, about his efforts to bring food to the people of Puerto Rico. (Alison Ashton / Parade)

The Work Ford is Quietly Doing in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria: The Detroit Free Press details the charity work the Ford Fund has done on the island since the storm. (Phoebe Wall Howard / Detroit Free Press)

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