"I'm going to tell her I'm sorry it's been so long since I've seen her."

Part of the cemetary in Lares was opened for Mother's Day, Trump says Puerto Rico should be grateful for the disaster aid it's received and more...

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On Mother's Day In Puerto Rico, Hope To Visit A Mother's Grave Turns To Anguish

A portion of the cemetery in Lares, which was torn apart by massive flooding caused by Hurricane Maria, was open in time for Mother’s Day. But dozens of people were left angry and frustrated that they still could not access the burial places of their loved ones. (Adrian Florido / NPR)

Disaster Bill Clears U.S. House Amid Feud Over Puerto Rico Aid

The bill, which may be rejected by both the Senate and President Trump, includes $600 million for a nutrition program for Puerto Rico, as well as other funding the island could apply for, such as grants for water infrastructure. (Susan Cornwell / Reuters)

Trump Pledges More Disaster Money to Florida, Says Puerto Rico Should Be ‘Grateful’

President Trump has repeated his claim that Puerto Rico has received $91 billion, though the commonwealth has actually received about one-eighth of that amount. See this Washington Post explainer on where Trump is getting his figures from. (Nikki Schwab / New York Post)

Dramatic Decline in Young Children Brings 'Demographic Winter' to Puerto Rico

A report by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College found that between 2006 and 2017, the number of children in Puerto Rico under 5 years old fell 42%. Experts say fertility levels are low and deaths are currently exceeding births. This is compounded by continued migration to the United States. (Suzanne Gamboa / NBC News)

Puerto Ricans Already Pay High Energy Prices. They Could Go Higher.

The potential spike in energy prices is the result of an agreement government officials made to repay bondholders who own the debt of the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority. (Nicole Acevedo / NBC News)

House Democrats to Investigate Administration's Response to Hurricane Maria

The House Oversight Committee sent letters to the White House, Health and Human Services, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, asking for records related to the federal government’s reponse to the storm. (VOA News)

Puerto Rican Man on Mountainside Still Without Power After Hurricane Maria

The man lives in a remote part of Jayuya. Local groups hope to get power to his home by the end of May. (Erin Murray / Spectrum News 13)

How A.I. Can Help Handle Severe Weather

Columbia University professor Maria Uriarte is using artificial intelligence to map out how major storms have affected trees within El Yunque. (Alina Tugend / New York Times)

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