Hurricane Maria Caused "Unprecedented" Changes to Puerto Rico's Ecosystem

Issue #30: Private companies will begin work on the island's streetlights in January, there may soon be a ban on cockfighting and more...

Hurricane Maria Cut the Height of Puerto Rico’s Forests by a Third

The storm caused “unprecedented” and “fundamental” changes to Puerto Rico’s ecosystem, according to several new studies. (Eric Holthaus / Grist)

Puerto Rico to Hire Crews, Fix 106K Streetlights Post-Maria

The private companies are expected to start work mid-January. (Associated Press)

Puerto Ricans Angry Over Impending Ban On Cockfighting

Officials in Puerto Rico, where cockfighting has been a tradition for centuries, say the industry accounts for $18 million in economic activity and provides jobs to nearly 30,000 people. But President Trump will likely sign legislation banning the fights. (Adrian Florido / WFAE)

Assessing the Economic Toll of Hurricane Maria

One study places the economic toll of the storm at $43 billion, while another places it between $139 and $159 billion. (Ellen Frankman and Ethan Oberman / WNYC)

Dramatic Images Show How Long Maria Kept Puerto Rico in Dark

New images from NASA map how long some areas of the island were left without electricity. (Caroline Floyd / Weather Network)

The Most Widely Shared Study of the Year Revealed Hurricane Maria’s Shocking Death Toll

According to the Altmetric Top 100, which tracks the top 100 published research articles across the internet, the study revealing the death toll in Puerto Rico was the most widely shared research article in 2018.

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