How Ricky Martin Helped Kill Puerto Rico's "Religious Liberty" Bill

Issue #48: How a lack of Medicaid funding is affecting Puerto Rico's poorest residents, Democrats grill FEMA and more...

Democrats Grill FEMA Over Inflated Payments for Hurricane Maria

“The federal response to Hurricane Maria nearly two years ago was an abject failure. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico continues to pay the price. People there are also still suffering from disparate treatment by the president who continues to tweet his disdain for Puerto Ricans working to help their communities recover.” – Chairman Bennie Thompson (Rebecca Beitsch / The Hill)

Puerto Rico’s Post-Maria Medicaid Crisis: How Congress and the White House Refuse to Fund Healthcare to the Hurricane-Ravaged Island’s Desperately Poor

United States territories do not receive the same Medicaid funding as the 50 states do. In Puerto Rico’s case, the commonwealth’s government has had to make up for the shortfall, contributing to the ongoing debt crisis. Investigative reporter McNelly Torres explains how the lack of Medicaid funding has impacted Puerto Rico’s poorest citizens. (McNelly Torres / DCReports)

Community Health Centers Were Lifesavers After the Hurricane, but Government Didn’t Count on Them

“It became apparent there was a great need [for services] after the hurricane, especially from special populations. The lack of access to health care is a problem among the elderly population and this became prevalent after the storm.” – Rubén Rodríguez Bou, a family physician with Community Health Center SANOS (McNelly Torres / Centro de Periodismo Investigativo)

Puerto Rico Governor Looks to Move up 2020 Democratic Primary

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is pushing to move the primary up in order to highlight the ongoing issues in Puerto Rico, which he says are not getting enough attention on the campaign trail. The Legislature is likely to support the measure and, if it passes, the primary will be moved from June to March 2020. (Camilo Montoya-Galvez / CBS News)

Ricky Martin Wades Into Religious Liberty Debate In Puerto Rico

The bill would have allowed government employees to refuse to serve consituents based on their religious beliefs. Martin wrote in a statement: “As a defender of human rights and a member of the LGBTT community, I am vehemently opposed to the proposed measure imposed upon us under the guise of religious freedom, which degrades us as a society and projects us to the world as a backwards country, unwilling to honor the basic constitutional right of individuality.” Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has since withdrawn his support of the bill. (Carol Kuruvilla / HuffPost)

Puerto Rico Energy Plan Introduces MiniGrids to Avoid Repeat of Hurricane Maria

PREPA released its 20-year plan to modernize Puerto Rico’s electric grid, and it includes breaking up the system into eight smaller “MiniGrids” throughout the island. (Robert Walton / UtilityDive)

Rivian and ‘Free Solo’ Atar Alex Honnold Team Up to Build Solar Microgrid with Used EV Batteries

The microgrid will be set up in Adjuntas. Casa Pueblo, a community organization that is based in Adjuntas and has long advocated for the use of renewable energy in Puerto Rico, will also partner on the project. (Kirsten Korosec / TechCrunch)

Lin-Manuel Miranda Takes You on an Amazing Tour of Puerto Rico in Eight-episode Web Series

The series will feature attractions like Old San Juan, Isla Verde and Puerto Rico’s coffee farms. (Andrea Romano / Travel and Leisure)

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