FEMA Contractors are Profiting off of Puerto Rico Home Repair Program

Issue #27: PR asks for more funds from the U.S. government, climate change is threatening the island and more...

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$3,700 Generators and $666 Sinks: FEMA Contractors Charged Steep Markups on Puerto Rico Repairs

FEMA is spending $1.2 billion through Tu Hogar Renace, a government program for repairing homes in Puerto Rico. But a New York Times report found that 60 percent of costs are actually going to contractors for overhead, profit and steep markups. (Frances Robles / New York Times)

Puerto Rico Seeks More Funds, Help from Congress Post-Maria

Gov. Ricardo Rossello asked the U.S. government to cover all costs linked to debris removal and emergency protective measures, declare the entire island a distressed area for tax breaks and provide a tourism tax credit. (Danica Coto / Associated Press)

Rising Sea Levels from Climate Change Threatens Puerto Rico's Infrastructure, Report States

The 1,656-page report, issued by 13 federal agencies and mandated by Congress, says that Puerto Rico could suffer $11.8 billion in economic losses as a result of climate change. (Farnoush Amiri / NBC News)

Nuclear Advocates Set Sights on Advanced Reactors for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives has made a commitment to study nuclear energy. (Jacqueline Toth / Morning Consult)

I'm Growing up in Hurricane Maria's Aftermath. Here's What the World Can Learn from Youth Resilience

If there's anything that my post-Maria life has taught me, it's that young people can do anything. Maria has shown me that resilience is the antidote to hopelessness, despair and pessimism. Even in the face of total devastation, I've seen many youth find immense courage from the deepest parts of their hearts and minds. Salvador Gomez Colon for CNN Business Perspectives)

Puerto Rico Pledges to Go All-Renewable by 2050

Puerto Rico is one of the most vulnerable places to climate change under U.S. jurisdiction. (Daniel Cusick / Scientific American)

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