Despite Promises, Puerto Rico Doesn't Have a Hurricane Response Plan

The Puerto Rican government is working to improve how it counts deaths, Puerto Rican refugees will vote for the first time and more...

Government Lawyer Says Puerto Rico's Hurricane Response Plan 'Does Not Exist'

Despite reassurances from Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and other Puerto Rican officials that the island is prepared should another hurricane strike, a government attorney admitted in a hearing that a hurricane-specific emergency plan does not exist. The government is still reviewing proposals from private companies to develop those plans. “So, as of today they aren't available,” she said. “As of today, they don't exist.” (Adrian Florido / NPR)

Puerto Rico Aims to Improve Fatality Reporting Post-Maria

Puerto Rico has created a new 19-member committee tasked with improving how the government counts deaths on the island. The committee will revise death certification protocols and improve management of information for future disasters. (Associated Press)

For the Puerto Rican Island of Vieques, Rebuilding Seems Like a Never-Ending Task

One Vieques resident tried to continue living in her storm-ravaged home after Maria, but after developing a rash and allergies rats infesting the house, she instead set up camp on the beach. (Nicole Acevedo and Nirma Hasty / NBC News)

Puerto Ricans Who Fled Hurricane Maria Are Preparing To Vote In Florida For The First Time

“We will vote, and the things we achieve here we achieve for them. Donald Trump doesn’t want to give us statehood, but if we have the opportunity to vote here and help the people on the island, that’s a fortunate thing. That’s how I see it. Because the people there maybe can’t leave for whatever reason. The island is pretty destroyed.” – Nydia Irizarry, a Puerto Rican refugee to Florida (Nidhi Prakash / BuzzFeed News)

Hurricane Maria Victims are Not Going to Decide Florida’s Statewide Elections

Experts say Hurricane Maria evacuees are too concerned with needs like housing and employment to take the time to register to vote. (Alex Daughtery, Caitlin Ostroff and Martin Vassolo / Miami Herald)

Puerto Rico Considers 100% Renewable Energy, But Natural Gas May Come First

Puerto Rico’s lawmakers introduced a bill that would require the island to shift to 100% renewable energy. However, the bill also allows for privately-owned natural gas plants in the short term. (Phil McKenna / InsideClimate News)

Ongoing Plan Needed to Address Puerto Rico Exodus, New United Way Report Says

By the end of the year, the number of people to leave Puerto Rico may be more than 200,000. (Paul Brinkmann / Orlando Weekly)

Taking the Trophy to Puerto Rico: Seeing the Red Sox Parade on the Island Through Social Media

Alex Cora, the manager of the Boston Red Sox, is the first Puerto Rican to win a Fall Classic. Over the weekend, Cora brought the World Series trophy back to his hometown of Caguas. (Luis Salazar / ESPN)

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