Climate Change Made Maria Worse

Puerto Rico will stop burning coal, 4% of the population has left the island and more...

Climate Change Was The Engine That Powered Hurricane Maria's Devastating Rains

Hurricane Maria dropped nearly a quarter of Puerto Rico’s typical rainfall in one day. A new paper shows that climate change was the driving force in the magnitude of the storm. (Rebecca Hersher / NPR)

The McKinsey Way to Save an Island: Why is a Bankrupt Puerto Rico Spending More than a Billion Dollars on Expert Advice?

“I think the first phrase I heard from a McKinsey-bot was, ‘We are going to corporatize the Puerto Rican government.’” – Attorney Christian Sobrino (Andrew Rice and Luis Valentin Ortiz / New York Magazine)

Puerto Rico Will Stop Burning Coal Next Year

The Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act means the island’s coal plants will power down in 2020, and all other coal burning will cease by 2028. (Dan Robitzski / Futurism)

Puerto Rico Suffered ‘Greatest Population Drop in History’ after Hurricane Maria

New Census data shows that Puerto Rico’s population dropped by 129,848 people – or by about 4% – between July 2017 and July 2018. (Associated Press)

New York Fed Cracks Down on Puerto Rico Banks Following Venezuela Sanctions

Two Puerto Rican offshore banks with accounts open with the New York Fed were mentioned in federal investigations into money laundering and sanctions evasion related to Venezuela, prompting the Feds to halt approval of new accounts. (Luc Cohen and Corina Pons / Reuters)

Navy Lt. Says Forget Notre Dame, Donate to Puerto Rico

Inspired by the billions of dollars raised to restore Notre Dame, a Navy lieutenant and native of Puerto Rico started a GoFundMe to inspire others to donate to rebuild infrastructure on the island. (Jess Arnold / WUSA9)

Living Off the Grid and Safe From Hurricanes in Puerto Rico

A couple, whose home was devasted during Hurricane Maria, is building a self-sustaining compound – powered by solar panels and built with recycled materials. (Chris Moody / New Republic)

Pair Takes Care of Stray Cats in Puerto Rico

There’s a colony of more than 120 stray cuts in San Juan, abandoned after Hurricane Maria. Volunteers from Save a Gato take care of them and are working to find them foster homes. (Sarah Price / CNHI News Service)

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